Time to Face It: Trump IS the GOP front-runner


For months, the GOP and political hacks have tried to deny Donald Trump’s viability to be the Republican nominee.  First they said he wouldn’t run and then he announced that he was.  Then the critics said he would never file his financials and he did.  Then his poll numbers began to steadily increase.  His critics brushed it off as temporary because voters were mesmerized by his reality star status.  But his poll numbers kept rising and his rallies got bigger and bigger.

When the naysayers could find no way to dispute that he was indeed the GOP frontrunner, then the insults began — not only for Trump, but to those who support him.  Some called for him to get out of the race because he was an embarrassment, divisive, racist and had the wrong tone.  The death threats began even by GOP political consultants that Trump needed “a shot to the head.”  His supporters are being called idiots, stupid, uninformed and won over by his reality star appeal.

The fact is, Trump is smart, a successful businessman, tells it like it is, knows what our worst problems are and how to fix them.  Of course others know what our worst problems are too.  They are just too worried about offending people whereas Trump could care less.  Most have no clue about strategy, making good deals or how to win.  Trump excels at all three.

The elephant in the room is exactly that.  Trump wants to clean up the waste and fraud while years of establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle have sat and done nothing while collecting money from lobbyists.  Republicans cried that if the American people would just let them have control of Congress again, things would be different. They’ve changed very little and only a handful have dared defy President Obama or the Democrats.

Another truth is that if the Republican controlled Congress would have done what they were supposed to, articles of impeachment would have been filed against Obama.   He has done numerous things that were impeachable like signing executive orders to bring in more illegal immigrants after a court order halted it.  No one wanted to be the one to impeach the first black President.

Many Americans are mad as hell about the way Obama has run roughshod over this country doing whatever he pleases while ignoring and failing to fix our problems.  No wonder they like Trump.  He’s the only one in the room doing any talking about real solutions.

So GOP establishment-the American people are telling you to go to hell.  They will choose the candidate themselves this time and you can’t stop them.

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  1. O.K. guys… Mr. Trump spoke in Nashua, NH yesterday.
    Wasn’t this taped? I sure would like to see it if it was. The MSM showed a few clips. so I know it is out there somewhere.
    Please post it!

  2. (Trump) is the man to be the Next POTUS!! Get out and Vote! So he might say some things you don’t agree with. He still is this Best we have on the Republic, Dem, a Inter, Going for us the Working People! Get on the Trump Train!!!!!! This Country can’t take another 4 years of these people we have running the show Now!!!!!!!!!!! 21 Trillion Debt ( Vote for me the Democrat) I will give you more Free Stuff!!! That is there Campain!!!!! What a JOKE!!

  3. If u support trump u r an idiot. What human with working brain is not convinced of this man’s vile nature and utter ignorance of how things work. Save your soul. Vote for anyone but trump

    • GO TRUMP GO! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! The Donald IS The Man who Can Save Our Country He (The Donald) Loves This Country! GO TRUMP GO! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  4. Trump it is. To all Liberals, democrats and republicans. The people have chosen, made known their choice of presidential candidate. If this is truly a government for the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE or the United States: we should be making citizens arrest of the President , Executive Branch and the Congressional house…. Trump is our Chloice, If anything happens to this election, be advised that we the people have heard of the plans to railroad Mr Trump out of the election. If you do, you will be tampering with an election which is illegal, and punishable by law. We Trump’s supporters will be after congress nrcc for punishment…think carefully. We make up a large part of the landscape and will be against all the filthy criminal deals you make. and we will do something.. but if you continue to work against the citizens of these United States, they will probably become ununited. We are tired of having congress and the president stealing our rights, our constitution, our money. Don’t touch OUR New president to be.. don’t touch anything to do with Mr. Trump. You want change. you will get it.

  5. For the last couple months I didn’t know who I would vote for. All we get is lies from the media, even the so called conservative media like Fox. All you hear from the establishment is how bad Trump is for the party but I don’t believe in the system anymore. In California Brown has made sure people who are here illegally can vote. How is he allowed to get away with that and how come no one is doing anything about it when its against the law. This kind of thing is what I’m talking about. There is no one out there fighting for us or what America is all about except for Trump I have lost faith in the system and believe that no matter what we do because of all the lying and cheating and illegal activities the Democrats and the Republican establishment have been allowed to get away with they will cheat us out of a great President like Donald Trump will be. Having said that I have decided to cast my vote for Donald Trump and pray he will win.

  6. Congress represents a cross section of America and their approval rating is well under 20%. That should tell them something but they are the ruling class that turn their noses up to the wants and needs of the little people. Well, We the People have had enough.

    Rumor has it that Obama has already penned new executive orders to destroy the Second Amendment. Here is what he wants to do:

    Tax ammunition into oblivion and encourage the prosecution of gun manufacturers and bullet producers for shootings using their products. This is a given and will be rolled out very early in the form of an Executive Order.

    The Federal government will purchase as much ammunition as possible in order to create shortages, thus, driving up the price of ammunition.

    The prohibition of purchasing a gun in one state and transporting that same gun across state lines.

    New Federal regulations which will permit, without a warrant, any civil authority to enter a home of a registered gun owner to check for gun safety when it comes to the “proper” storage of guns. Said gun can be confiscated and the owner will be subject to arrest and fines if a gun does not meet governmental storage regulations. The new regulations will be devised to prevent one from using the gun in a moment’s notice.

    There is discussion among DoJ officials about limiting how guns, in the aggregate, that can be stored in one geographic area. This will amount to gun rationing.

    Gun owners will eventually be required to attend and pass gun safety courses in the same manner as one renews their drivers license. This will, again, drive up the cost of owning a gun.

    At some point, no doubt following a false flag event, an Executive Order will be issued to overturn all conceal and carry laws currently in place in several states.

    With regard to Child Protective Services investigations, any gun-owning parent will receive an negative score when it comes to investigation of child abuse and welfare cases.

    No veteran will be allowed to own a gun for an unspecified period of time following their discharge from the service. As part of the VA reform there is serious discussion about mandating outplacement counseling for all veterans and gun prohibitions will be a part of this. I was told that this is, in part, why all the Federal attention is being placed on streamlining the VA process for veteran access.

    The scope of gun free zones will be expanded. The IRS will be given policing powers on new gun control regulations. Bank accounts and homes can be seized for failure to comply. Further, RICO statutes can be utilized among the non-compliant. It was stressed to me that examples will be made of protesters and non-compliant people.

    Obama will wait for the next false flag, but will announce a ban on all assault rifles.

    There is only one man I trust to reverse the damage Obama has done and is planning to do.
    That man is #DonaldTrump.

    • I knew.something like this would pop up it’s ugly head As we head into the new year. Since elections are now less than a year away he’s starting to panic and will start ramming stuff thru by hook or by crook. And it starts. We have got to make sure Trump is elected or all this garbage that has been and will be done will stick and our lives as a free country will be a thing of the past.

      • I completely agree. Every time obama and his little obamabots try something like this, gun and ammo sales go through the roof. I guess they are ignorant of history and about everything else.. The first battles of the American Revolution fought at Lexington and Concord were over gun confiscation. Even the Japanese generals of WW2 were smart enough to realize that there would be a gun behind every blade of grass pointed at their heads if they invaded and attempted to take our rights away. Although there will be a few sheep who will go along with obama’s illegal and unconstitutional orders, most Americans will not comply.

  7. I don’t believe.for a second that America would vote in the status qho again. And if it looks like that is what happens we need an investigation done to see how many dead people and illegals were allowed to vote. Because I firmly believe that they will try to steal the election again. We cannot ever allow that to happen again like it did in 2012.

  8. Americans know they want and need change, but when it comes everybody gets scared, Obama has ran this country into a trash heap, he does not care about Americans, he only care about what he wants and that is to be a world leader at any cost, he thinks by adding more and more muslims they will back him what he does not understand is once they get their way all hell breaks loose and he will be useless at that time he is following a precise order to defeat America, He is stilling our nations money, he is taking aw3ay our constitutional rights, to allow his agenda to proceed. Hillary has his back and his values are hers, if she is elected she will carry on in Obamas 3rd term, Hillary has caused numerous deaths, lied, stolen, cheated , abandon Americans in Benghazi causing their deaths even after they pled with her for help she abandon them!
    Most of the Demoncrats Liberals and even the GOP have backed Obama, and have helped destroy America as we know it, Ran Paul flat out lied to the GOP because he had his own agenda, that was to get rich, and he was paid dearly for his decise scandalous behavior, in the elections coming up any and every person running has accepted PAC’s Money, meaning they have sold their soles to the highest bidder, and no matter what they promise if it not what their Pac’s want then they will not follow through with their promises, year after year all of us Americans have seen this from every politician to ever run,
    Trump is harsh, he tells it as he see’s it, he does not hold anything back , maybe he is rude to some people but he is looking out for the American people and that to me is more Important than any ones feelings! The media are always on Trump about this that and the other things because they are Liberals working for the Demoncrats, Trump see’s what is wrong and comes up with solutions of how he will fix these problems, no one else talks about these things until after Trumps says his plans then all the sudden he is wrong yet they all end up saying the same things just not as Loud as Trump, the media keeps calling him a liar but in fact 99% of everything he has said has been proven to be dead on right! the media don’t want Americans knowing the truth because they fear Trump and think once he is President they all loose, well if they were to get their heads out of the perverbial buts they would not have a problem but they can not tell the truth only part truth then make up the rest as they go! This Country needs Trump way more than he need to run for President he is loosing money left and right from his business, he is getting death threats from both sides and the muslims , People its time to wake up Trump can not and will not be bought he is dedicated to America not Lobbiest or Pac’s, they can not shut him up they can not control his actions he want to be our President for us not himself! The ban on Muslims is dead on right we can not afford any more Americans being killed the FBI has stated on numerous accounts they can not fully vet the refugee’s and it should be postponed until a better system is developed! I( personally stand with and behind Trump for President he is our last and best hope of every having a country as we knew it, America needs TRUMP!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. If they somehow manage to steal the election I hope Trump will spend some more of his hard earned money and start an investigation. We cannot let them get away with the theft of America again.

  9. This man is my choice to be the next POTUS..! I just hope I will have the opportunity to cast my Vote for this man that is putting his ALL on the line to “Make Our Nation Great Again”..! IF, America decides that the status quo is their Best for this Nation, then We can ALL kiss our Democracy, and Constitution Values “GOOD-BYE”. Semper Fi


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