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Who Is Responsible for Donald Trump’s Rise? Barack Obama

The New York Times has a stunning editorial today where the author, Peter Werner explains that the deep discontentment America has with its establishment politicians right now can be attributed in huge part to one man: President Barack Obama. Obama was elected in 2008 on the promise that he would help bring the parties together, and in that, he argues, Obama has failed miserably. Werner writes, “Today our political discourse barely allows us to think clearly…


WATCH: Donald Trump in Sarasota, Florida. IT. IS. ON!

Donald Trump blasted into Sarasota, Florida today, and found a crowd with lines around the block waiting to see him. When everybody got in, the crowd numbered in the thousands. When the 4000-seat arena filled, another 1000 watched the rally from an overflow area, where they had the speech piped in. Trump showed that he can learn lessons and grow from missteps at this rally. He was still the powerful firebrand he has always…


GOP Can’t Stump Trump

From the Washington Post: When Donald Trump landed in Ohio this week, he got a taste of the meager Republican super PAC efforts aimed at him: a 47-second Web video clipping together some of his most provocative comments and a small airplane trailing a banner proclaiming, “Ohioans Can’t Trust Trump.” As the combative mogul enters his fifth month at the top of the GOP presidential field, attempts to derail him remain anemic, underfunded and unfocused…


HuffPo’s New Poll Average: Trump Reaches New Heights

The GOP consultants making hundreds of thousands of dollars this year telling their clients that Donald Trump’s supporter base has hit his ceiling, and he can’t climb any higher in the polls probably ought to stay away from the Huffington Post this weekend.Their average poll of polls shows that since the Islamic jihadist attacks in Paris, Trump’s polling numbers have jumped 5% and he now sits at an all-time high, at 35%. That almost beats…


The Ballot Wars Have Begun

It’s deadline season for most of the early-voting states’ primaries, and part of being taken as a serious candidate is ensuring that you’re on the ballot in every state. It’s pretty hard to win delegates from every state if you’re not even allowed to have people vote for you in every state. That’s the crux of a new article posted in Politico this morning. “Right about now is the time when some desperation will set in,”…