Zogby to Republican Field: The Only Way To Beat Trump? Quit.


Pollster John Zogby wrote a column for Forbes this weekend where he pointed out the obvious: attempts thus far by his rivals to thwart him have done very little to stop Donald Trump’s climb to the top of the polls. Attacking him hasn’t worked. Throwing facts that are contrary to his claims hasn’t worked. Whining about him on television and radio hasn’t worked. Zogby recommends a novel idea, quit. Not just “quit attacking Trump,” mind you. No, he means “get out of the race, if you want to beat Trump.”

In other words, the candidates who have no chance of winning anyway need to be responsible citizens and allow the candidates with the best shot of winning keep playing. Trump’s unbreakable. His 30% support is solid: those followers aren’t going anywhere, and the media and other candidates need to stop trying to sway them. What they need to shoot for are the other 70%. When the field narrows from 12 to 6, suddenly there will be fewer people to root for, and the “undecided” voters will be much more likely to finally pull the trigger on a candidate they feel comfortable voting for.

Per Zogby, in his article, Ben Carson should pull out of the race. He is a nice man and a great doctor, but the US needs a leader in the White House right now. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum aren’t even polling as well as they have in previous attempts to become President. They need to acknowledge that this year isn’t their year, either, and drop out. Likewise George Pataki and Lindsey Graham, who combined can’t come up with 1% of votes in national polls. Finally, Zogby says, Chris Christie needs to pull out. He’s had some great moments in the debate, but he’s also young. He might have a better chance in a less crowded field next time.

Zogby says, in order to give a true feel for the Republican party how each of their demographic wings might vote, they need to include Ted Cruz for the Tea-party, Marco Rubio for the rising establishment, Jeb Bush and John Kasich for the existing establishment, Rand Paul for the Libertarians, and Carly Fiorina, as a less controversial outsider than Trump. With these six, plus Trump, voters would finally have a chance to pick a candidate and have some sort of feel that their guy could win it all.

What Zogby doesn’t consider, of course, is that undecided voters, and supporters of these candidates who do drop out may very well turn their eyes to Trump instead. For all the talk of Trump having a “ceiling” — it’s just talk. There’s never been a race like this, and the rules as to who’s going to win and why haven’t even been written yet.

Zogby also fails to mention that someone else has already been making this very point, about other candidates needing to get out if they’re just clogging the process.

His name is Trump.

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  1. If the other candidates wait for the primary results before dropping out, Mr. Trump is guaranteed to win. Donald is only getting better and more polished at campaigning as time goes along.

  2. It’s fun to watch the establishment Republicans, Chamber of Commerce, Democrats and most Republican officials try to stomp Trump. They’re using attack ads accusing Trump of saying there were thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11, maybe there were maybe they were not.
    They don’t dare say we are against Trump’s veteran policy, letting the veterans go to any doctor they want to, that will obviously unemployee numerous bloodsucking bureaucrats associated with the Veterans Administration. Or criticize Trump’s tax plan which will really cramp the style of millionaires buying electric cars.Or eliminating earmarks making it difficult for your Senator to add $500,000 for study of pig manure to the baby health care bill.
    The question is, is the guy driving that truck to California dumb enough to fall for the attack adds, criticizing one frivolous thing or another and totally ignoring the big problems. This time I think not. Bill T Davis


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