Donald Trump Appearing LIVE in Macon, Georgia in about 30 Minutes


We’ll be streaming the event live. If you’re in the Macon area, you might have time to get there.. but maybe not! There’s a traffic advisory in place for the area around the coliseum, and people have been lined up to see him for hours.



Trump was in New York City this morning, meeting with black pastors for several hours in a private event. We will have coverage of that event later tonight. For now, we’re setting up the live stream, and will post that video as soon as Trump arrives and the feed begins.



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  1. Mr. Trump can totally freak out these low brains and large mouth media robots, he should call CNN out for their total & obvious partisan attitudes and all the lies about everything they put out on the air, and at the same time offer Mr. Ted Turner to bring back dignity and pride and honesty to CNN! or sell it to you to fix it….. With his unique approach, own style this would make him look smarter and quite prepared to deal with media dilemma in America!!!!!!!!

  2. Just think… while Old Hilly Clinton, Sanders and the “also ran” GOP candidates are doing good to fill a small venue to half capacity, these thousands of people had to pay to park and stood in line for hours to hear Donald Trump. It’s amazing and there are no signs of anything slowing down anytime soon either.


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