What did Trump Say In a 1998 People Magazine Interview About Running for President? The Answer May Surprise You


A downside of living your life as large and as publicly as Donald Trump has over the years is that you leave a trail of interviews and soundbites your political enemies can use against you. You may have seen a line from an interview with Donald Trump with People Magazine in 1998 being used in an internet meme. It looks like this:


There is just one problem with this quote – Trump wasn’t interviewed by People Magazine in 1998. While there were many stories about his impending divorce from Marla Maples, there weren’t any actual interviews with him.

In fact, it wasn’t until an interview with Larry King in 1999 did Trump ever mention that he was forming an exploratory committee to look into running for President in 2000. So the lesson to remember here is: don’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet. And don’t get stressed out about the media yelling at Trump for retweeting a photoshopped image. Everyone does it — left and right. In the end, what we’re truly left with is the immortal words of President Lincoln spoken during the Gettysburg Address:

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  1. johhny dickensheets

    what ever i seen the video ,but when i went to go get it and share it it was wipe away from every thing come on man do you think all of us are not aware of the things done out here especially people like that who have money and companies ,come on man quit lieing ,i may not be able to prove it was ever out here but i know my eyes seen it and my ears heard it ,and one thing above all GOD knows,and you cant get passed HIM even if you dont believe in the LORD the fact is that ,it was out here and he did say it and the angels have it written down ,things may be able to fool most of the people ,but not all the people ,i just think how funny it is to go out of their way just to cover up something he had said ,for it wouldnt of mattered any ways ,for things were selected not elected ,,for the stage was being set up and the stage is set ,for the cards have been played and now the trump card is being played with a penny

    • Yes, indeed Lloyd, God did prophesy the rise of Donald trump, He is the strongman that everybody loved in revelation. He will lead the world into ARMAGEDON and the end of this world as we now know it

  2. Anyone who wants this country is a prime example of the total lack of a GOOD education in the USA aside from some secondary insitutions. Your grade level schools are so far behind its close to neanderthal.

  3. Just another example of the DC establishment and the lame stream media trying to discredit Trump. Maybe they should do better fact-checking. But, yeah, keep it up, guys. The more you try to take down Trump, the higher his numbers rise. The American people are fed up with the status quo in Washington, and want REAL change. Trump is offering legitimate solutions to this country’s problems, which is a whole lot better than what we have now. Donald Trump is an ACTUAL American, who sincerely loves this country, and wants to see it restored to its former glory as the greatest country in the world. #TRUMP2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #PlayTheTRUMPCard #AllAboardTheTRUMPTrain

    • Dale.
      I always am amazed that folks think TRUMP is a true american. He has had to non american wives, which he couldnt hold together. He is a billionaire and i dont feel cares one bit about the average american, like you and me. He built buildings for the ultra rich. Not in a rural area of america to build us up but in New York and other overly expensive areas to set and increase prices even more. Sure trump is loud and brash and would be a funny drinking buddy, maybe, as long he isnt insulting your mother or her background. I truly believe he insults all other americans not from new york and is probably laughing all the way to the Republican nomination. He was an independent, couldnt win, he was a democrat, couldnt win, and now he is a republican- he switches sides faster than…. you get my drift. He uses the republicans anger at the government to sway you in his directions, but he is an elite rich person living in a white tower looking down on all of us, democratic or republican, because we are not rich enough to be his client, but he now needs our votes, especially yours.

        • I would say the public opinion about Donald Trump comes from Donald Trump. No one’s victimizing the billionaire. He wouldn’t allow that, so, we’ve all come to believe what has come straight from the horse’s mouth, his own!!!

          Also, the person you insulted for whatever reason about their I.Q. level, has valid points. Trump willingly purchases products and resources from China just like the people he criticizes – hypocrisy at its worse or finest; depend upon how you look at it, but he’s shown absolutely no true patriotism whatsoever until doing so matters to him and only him and only through words. No real actions or history to back out up otherwise he would waste NO time bragging about it…because that’s what he does.

      • I am having a hard time wondering why everyone is upset with Trump. We have possibly the worst government since it was created, we have lost freedoms left and right because we cannot count on the republicans or the democrats, we have a Muslim president born in Indonesia on his second term as president who ran on a record that was sealed and didn’t come up with a birth certificate for two years and it was saying he was born at a hospital that didn’t even do births during that time. The president hangs out with known terrorist and everyone seems to think that is acceptable.
        The president attended college on a grant as a foreign student. his father and mother and step father were all communist and his grandmother and grandfather were socialist or communist, and he ran on the statement that we all know that capitalism doesn’t work and was elected twice. Now people can’t seem to see all those things and are saying that Trump is causing demonstrations at his own rally.
        One person who supports Sanders as the one to be president is stating things like Bernie is a democratic socialist and not the other socialist and the democratic socialist let you keep your money and the other kind doesn’t. What in the h ell does that mean. With socialism we will not worry about money, because we will pay for everything through the government. Do you see the kind of financial disaster we are in now and they think it will be better when we pay everything through the government. The federal government should deal with nothing other than national defense and then only as permitted by the states.

        • Are you kidding me…he uses the system like its his own revolving bank Every time his over the top grandios business idea’s go belly up…using other people’s money…he just files bankrupt…oh and is trump going to give American’s job when he moves his clothing factories to the USA??? Look at the labels … Made in where??? Indonesia , Mexico , China??? Not USA….and for all of those people who choose to believe the most ridiculous of all the scandals that president Obama is not an American and he’s a Muslim hanging out with terrorist…that is so much propaganda bullshit designed for people like you…who will run to eat it up!!! That’s the mission for you to eat it up and starts the feeding frenzy…ignorance is bliss!!! The systematic widespread promotion of Allegations spread by deception and its shoveled by the truck loads and gobbled right up!!! Gobble Gobble as if it were true…What’s even worse then all of you who believed all that nonsense…Our president elect believed it too!!! Now that’s what I call ignorance at its highest level!!! OMG

        • I have had it with bigots like you. Do you actually believe the BS that comes out of your mouth? So you believe Obama was born in Indonesia that’s a new one. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, his mother was a white US citizen and his father was Kenyan. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow for bigots like yourself. You prove the saying that when you believe a lie facts and the truth has no effect on your thinking I know you just can not bring yourself to believe that a black man is smart enough to be the president of America,

      • well said! I am not so much worried that he is a repiblican, but that he is so bigoted , racist and sexist, and for some reason think THAT is a good fit for the leader of our country . Some one who repeatedly insults and downgrades, women and people of color. It is sad. And the rest of the world thinks we are even more idiotic than they already did.

  4. 7 years ago he was right but over the years things have changed but people want the ratings for this crap if we don’t get Trump for president we have no hope for a free country


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