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50 Things to Thank Donald Trump For Today

We have a YUGE feature today: FIFTY things to thank Donald Trump for today, spread out in a great, big, glorious five-page spread! I spent the entire Detroit/Philly game editing all these links and pictures. Are you thankful for Trump? WE ARE! Can you believe it? A few days before Christmas, Donald Trump will have been a politician for an entire 6 months in his entire life. What has he done in that…


What did Trump Say In a 1998 People Magazine Interview About Running for President? The Answer May Surprise You

A downside of living your life as large and as publicly as Donald Trump has over the years is that you leave a trail of interviews and soundbites your political enemies can use against you. You may have seen a line from an interview with Donald Trump with People Magazine in 1998 being used in an internet meme. It looks like this: There is just one problem with this quote – Trump wasn’t interviewed by…