Who Has the Best Immigration Policy? Republicans pick Donald Trump and “I Don’t Know”


Just how strongly do Americans approve of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, in comparison to his GOP rivals? In a recent poll, having been asked “Which of the Republican Candidates would best handle the issue of immigration?” a huge 49% — almost half! — of respondents answered Trump. But the real shocker is that second place, more than 13%, was “Not Sure.” In other words… Republicans honestly believe that ONLY Donald Trump has a viable immigration policy. It’s him or… “Gosh. I don’t know really.”

Trump received significantly more votes than EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE COMBINED.


Trump started off his campaign saying that illegal immigrants from Mexico were bringing crime, drugs, and other problems into the country. The GOP has tried to disavow that statement, but 65% of rank-and-file Republicans agree with him.

Other candidates, like Jeb Bush, have tried to say that even if it’s against, the law, it’s not a major offense. Bush said that immigrants who came into America illegally did so in an “act of love.” Yet nearly 80% of Republicans disagree with him strongly about this. The intensity of opposition to that statement is so strong, according to Breitbart,  that, by itself, likely blocks Bush from the nomination.

YouGov reports that the poll results come just as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on Monday blocked the Obama administration from implementing executive actions that would expand deportation deferrals and work benefits for millions of immigrants who entered the country illegally. The government lawyers said they would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, which is seen as the best path for Obama’s executive orders.


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  1. Here is the deal for the non-believers. Trump’s plan will work. As soon as the deportations start, more than half of the criminals will self deport. When the freebies are cut-off, another big chunk will self deport. When the criminals are denied jobs, another big chunk will self deport. I estimate that will leave only two million to round-up and finish the job. Very doable. It isn’t rocket science.


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