Watch Trump’s PACKED HOUSE Rally In Springfield HERE


Donald Trump crammed 10,000 passionate fans (and a couple dozen protesters for good measure) into the Prairie Capital Convention Center for a rally in Springfield, Illinois, across the street from the house where Abraham Lincoln grew up. You can watch him set it off, and hear everything he said about the remaining candidates, STARBUCKS (more on that in an upcoming article), and the recent Ben Carson backstory controversies RIGHT HERE:





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  1. We must end the tyrannical enslavement of the American people by voting for Donald Trump in 2016.
    Hillary is not entitled to leas us. As a leader, she has failed us miserably and broken too many laws to list here.
    Jeb Bush isn’t the next Bush in line, entitled to lead us. He doesn’t have the foresight or the respect of the American people.
    Donald Trump is a success. Donald Trump can’t be bought. Donald Trump will indeed make America great again!
    I want to feel good about being an American again and frankly, I haven’t felt that way since Reagan left office.
    Donald Trump can restore our faith and knowledge that America is indeed the greatest Nation on the face of the earth.
    And just like Donald Trump, nobody is paying me a dime to say this and anybody that doesn’t like what I have to say can KMA!

  2. I just don’t understand why Christian Americans are not standing up to be heard

    America is 70% CHRISTIAN

    America is 3.1% Atheist

    America is 0.9% muslim


    We are 70% Strong !

    Why? Why? Why?

    Are you letting these people rule America?

    Don’t you see what is going on in America?

    Don’t sit back and say what a shame!

    Get off your butts and do something!

    Donald Trump isn’t sitting down!

    Donald Trump Loves The Bible
    Donald Trump Loves America

    Donald Trump Loves saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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