Last Night’s SNL Score: Activists 201, Donald Trump 9,000,000


Approximately 200 people showed up to protest Donald Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. The protesters were upset that NBC was willing to have a show with Trump, when earlier in the year they cut ties with Trump due to his strong stance against illegal immigration. In addition to the 200 people outside, comedian Larry David heckled Trump during his monologue, stating it was so he could collect the $5000 “bounty” activists had posted for doing so.

Their protests, despite making front-page stories on many leftist websites this morning, mostly went ignored by American in general. According to Nielsen’s ratings system, about 9,000,000 people watched the show — its biggest ratings in years.

Did you watch the episode (if you didn’t, you can catch it here)? What did you think? What was your favorite sketch?

For that matter, what’s your favorite political SNL sketch ever? For me, it was the Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin open in 2008. That was pure brilliance.


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  1. Not true. Way less than 200 ppl showed up. I have a pic of the ppl down there protesting. As usual MSM is exaggerating.

    • I actually figured as much– at least one report said “dozens” — which is much less than 200. I am generous, though, and didn’t feel like making them feel bad about how small even their exaggerated numbers were.

  2. Thank you for putting the SNL show in my email…….NBC is the only channel I cant get. Figures, huh?? =( Mr. Trump was great…..Yuuge!! =) I enjoyed this…..thank you soooo very much again!!!! =) =) =) Tammy

  3. When one thinks about it, it was actually WELL OVER 9,000,000 because that’s what shows up as the TV’s tuned in and those people had MORE people watching with them. Trump is fantastic and it is great that that many people want to see him!!! TRUMP 2016

  4. Loved the show, but Sanders comment about getting half the black vote in Vermont was the funniest line. Haven’t watched SNL in years. My favorite was Letterman throwing himself on a Velcro wall


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