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BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain Endorses Donald Trump for President

Video right here: Herman Cain speaking before the Macon, Georgia rally: “Raise the roof,” Cain said as he came to the stage. “There are people in the media trying to bring down Donald Trump with lies and BS,” he said. “We on the wrong track. The only way to get back on the right track is to have the right leader in the White House, because unfortunately, right now, we don’t have a leader in…


Donald Trump Appearing LIVE in Macon, Georgia in about 30 Minutes

We’ll be streaming the event live. If you’re in the Macon area, you might have time to get there.. but maybe not! There’s a traffic advisory in place for the area around the coliseum, and people have been lined up to see him for hours. Trump was in New York City this morning, meeting with black pastors for several hours in a private event. We will have coverage of that event later tonight. For…


Sorry, Nate. Trump’s Not Going Away

Nate Silver is considered somewhat like a god in the circles I travel in. My liberal friends in New York adore his incredibly accurate voting predictions. My sports buddies remember all the work he put into building databases capable of really scary accurate sports predictions. When he put his data mining skills into politics, he had the most accurate predictions of anyone on the planet, predicting (for example) 34 out of 36 Senate seats and 36 of 37…


Zogby to Republican Field: The Only Way To Beat Trump? Quit.

Pollster John Zogby wrote a column for Forbes this weekend where he pointed out the obvious: attempts thus far by his rivals to thwart him have done very little to stop Donald Trump’s climb to the top of the polls. Attacking him hasn’t worked. Throwing facts that are contrary to his claims hasn’t worked. Whining about him on television and radio hasn’t worked. Zogby recommends a novel idea, quit. Not just “quit attacking Trump,” mind…