Scarborough Accuses Trump Foes as Being “Math Deniers”


On his talk show today, Joe Scarborough said what we’ve been saying at for a long time: the numbers all point to Trump’s eventual victory in the Republican Presidential Primary election.  He has led every single poll since July, and in most of those polls, it’s not a small lead but a dominating one.

Except for Ben Carson, Donald Trump has THREE TIMES or more, the votes of every other candidate.

“I started adding up. If you add up like just about everybody else’s numbers: add up Jeb’s, add up Marco’s, add up Cruz’s, add up Rand Paul’s, add up Lindsey Graham’s, add up all of them. They don’t even come close to Donald Trump’s 32 percent. And the conversation continues. At what point does the media just admit — we hate him so much, that even when he is trouncing everybody. We loathe this vulgarian from Queens who we’ve never accepted into our club and screw him. We’re never going to give him any sort of respect. At what point are they just going to say, ‘OK, this is about math.’ “I called them Trump deniers last week. They’re math deniers.”

Source: Scarborough Rips Media’s ‘Trump Deniers,’ ‘Math Deniers’ – Breitbart

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