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Trump tops GOP rankings

At the end of each month, The Hill assesses each candidate’s Power Ranking. Guess who skyrocketed to #1 in August? DONALD TRUMP, moving from #8 to #1, and bumping Jeb Bush down to #2. Bush takes second and Kasich third in The Hill’s latest rankings. Source: Trump tops GOP rankings | TheHill


Afraid of Donald Trump, Colorado Cancels Its Republican Caucus.

Here is how afraid of Donald Trump the GOP is. They are cancelling their traditional caucus, because it would be too easy for him to win with it. Wow. Source: Setting The Record Straight: Why Trump Won’t Commit To Republican Party – Colorado Republicans cancel 2016 presidential caucus vote


Donald Trump isn’t a Republican traitor. He’s giving primary voters exactly what they want.

Damon Linker makes the case in The Hill that the Republican party shouldn’t consider Trump a threat or a traitor. He represents the base, and his ideals are the same as most of the common people. If anything, he is going to help motivate the masses to vote — and even if he’s not in perfect step with the GOP, he’ll bring voters to the booths, and that’s a good thing. The Republican establishment…


Putting Donald Trump on the Couch

A long time ago, Donald Trump gave an account of a bridge unveiling that happened in New York when he was a boy, that helped shaped the person he is today. The New York Times would have you believe he’s a blustering fool, but you can see why he is so passionate about making sure he comes out on top. “I realized then and there,” the budding real estate mogul and future Republican front-runner concluded,…