What Does Mitt Romney’s Wife Think About Donald Trump?


Ann Romney, who’s husband, Mitt Romney ran for President against Barack Obama in 2012, spoke to Katie Couric about the current election cycle today. She wouldn’t give any opinions about who she was supporting, or how she thought any particular candidate was doing, but she acknowledged that having Donald Trump in the race was a good thing.

“Every cycle is so unique — and this one is maybe one of the most unique,” Romney said when asked by Yahoo’s Katie Couric whether Trump is good for presidential politics. “More people are listening, I think more people are becoming engaged, more people are paying attention than ever before,” Romney said. “That, I would say, would be a good thing.”
Having been married to the Governor of Massachusetts and a two-time Presidential Candidate, Romney said she knew almost every candidate in the race this year. Romney said she knew every single Republican and Democratic presidential candidate except for Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, whom she has never met.

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