Business Lobbyists Wary of Donald Trump’s Populist Tone on Taxes


The New York Times says that party officials are worried that people will glom onto Trump’s assertion that we should raise taxes on companies whose business practices go against America’s best interests. They cite the fact that the Republican party is based on a need to constantly just always lower taxes no matter what.

The problem is, just as with lots of other things they’re wrong about (like immigration!), the Republican party doesn’t seem to have a single freaking clue about what their constituency actually wants. They have sold out to business interests and business lobbyists who want everyone to believe that every tax will hurt the economy, and the truth of the matter is “that’s just not true.”

So yeah, Trump scares those guys. Good.


Some influential party figures worry that Donald J. Trump’s suggestions that he would raise taxes in certain areas could catch on with rivals in the presidential race.

Source: Republicans Wary of Donald Trump’s Populist Tone on Taxes – The New York Times

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