Donald Trump to Visit US/Mexico Border Today


Time speculates that Donald Trump will face problems when he visits Laredo, Texas today, a town that is overwhelmingly Latino. In their article posted today, they cite U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar, who was born in the US to Mexican immigrants who became nationalized citizens. “Laredo is a special place,” he says. “He’s going to see that the congressman from that area—that’s me—his parents were born in Mexico and became naturalized citizens. There are two Hispanic federal judges there, one of then born in Mexico. He’s going to see the border sheriff there, my brother, is Hispanic. Many of the CBP officers and law enforcement he’s meeting—a lot of them are Hispanics or of Mexican descent.”

According to an interview on MSNBC, however, mayor Jose Diaz-Balart said “We welcome Donald Trump!”


It remains to be seen what will transpire today in Texas.


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