Opinion: Donald Trump Speaks for the Opposition


Joel B. Pollak, editor of Breitbart.com wrote today that Donald Trump‘s popularity and surging poll numbers is a result of his knowledge of America and the majority of Americans — something the media and left fear. In his regular Blue State Blues editorial, Pollak pointed out that while many pundits believe Trump’s popularity is due to his willingness to speak out against the well-oiled machine he’s up against, it’s more likely he’s also speaking the same opinions that many Americans also hold.

Pollak goes on to say that while Trump’s comments are, at best, troubling. But then he cites examples where time after time, Trump chooses words that resonate with people who feel like they have other representative any more. “The man suspected of killing her has been deported five times and has seven felony convictions, but he was on the street because local authorities have decided to push immigration reform by ignoring federal deportation requests. Who speaks for the victim and her family?”

He points out that Trump knows he is selling a product: and that product is opposition. While it might not get him any votes, it gets him recognition, and he will be rewarded for it in the long run, as his business acumen has always proven. Trump, Pollak says, knows a good businessman knows how to give customers value.  “Voters know they are not “getting value” from either party–or the media. He is a long shot to win, but Trump is challenging the D.C. monopolies. And they hate it.”

Full text of the editorial is on Breitbart.

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