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What book does Trump consider the best book ever? The answer may surprise you…

If you stopped the “average Joe” out on the street, and asked him what book would Donald Trump declare the best book ever you’d place a pretty safe bet on that book being The Art of the Deal. It turns out that you’d be wrong. On Tuesday night, Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Council Bluffs, IA.  At that rally he brought his favorite book, one he likes even more than the one…


Trump Honors Tradition by Attending Church Mass on Christmas Eve

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump attended mass in Florida with his wife Melania.  This is a tradition for church goers.  Mr. Trump managed to slip into the services unnoticed by the media and cameras.  I mean really, for these media folks nothing seems off limits.  The UK paper, the Daily Mail, did manage to get some pictures published of Trump inside the church.  Well, at least no one can say he wasn’t there and he…


Ivanka celebrated Christmas in exotic Belize

Ivanka Trump, the glamourous and beautiful 34 year old daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has vacationed in Belize with her husband for Christmas.Ivanka posted her vacation photos to instagram and sharing many memories with her fans and Trump supporters. While sunbathing in dreamy Cago Espanto, Ivanka posted numerous photos that off shows her baby bump.According to Trump’s instagram, she and her husband wanted time to relax and rest during this holiday season.Amongst the…


Time to Face It: Trump IS the GOP front-runner

For months, the GOP and political hacks have tried to deny Donald Trump’s viability to be the Republican nominee.  First they said he wouldn’t run and then he announced that he was.  Then the critics said he would never file his financials and he did.  Then his poll numbers began to steadily increase.  His critics brushed it off as temporary because voters were mesmerized by his reality star status.  But his poll numbers kept rising…