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Hey, everyone. The David here. Well, we did it. We actually honest-to-God did it. We took the candidate that no one ever thought had a chance, and supported him through a grueling Primary, a really hard and raucous General, and helped Donald Trump WIN the Presidency. I want to thank everyone who visited the site over the past 18 months, and to all the people who would regularly visit and write comments…

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Trump Will Take No Vacations, $1 Salary As President

On 60 Minutes last night, Donald Trump addressed a question that several people had been asking: will the billionaire real-estate tycoon and reality television star also take the $400,000 a year salary that Barack Obama and previous Presidents have taken? In 2012, Mitt Romney pledged that he would take no salary if he won, because he was already independently wealthy. He lost though. What would Trump do now that it’s his turn in the Oval…

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Reince Priebus Tapped As White House Chief of Staff

NEW YORK — Donald Trump on Sunday tapped the man with the funniest name in politics, Reince Priebus (pronounced Ryense Preebus) — the Republican Party chairman who helped engineer his stunning presidential victory last week — as his White House chief of staff. Trump also considered campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon for the slot, but announced that the former Breitbart News executive would serve chief strategist and senior counselor for the administration that takes office in…

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Proof That the Protestors Out Causing Havoc Are Paid Provocateurs

The media would like you to believe that regular Americans are going out every night and spontaneously rioting and protesting because they’re super mad at Donald Trump winning the Presidential election last week. The problem is, while there may be a few people out there legitimately protesting, in most of the large cities in the US where protests are happening (like New York City and Chicago) there is proof that the people out there on…

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Donald Trump Calls Slain Cop’s Widow

One of President-elect Donald Trump’s first actions as President-Elect was to personally call the widow of New York Police Department Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo’s widow. A funeral was held that day, and thousands of policies officers came to pay tribute to the fallen Finest at his funeral. “I’m very sorry I cannot be there with you today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time,” Trump told the grieving woman, according to…