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Trump Headed For Win Says Professor Who Hasn’t Been Wrong in 30 Years

As we crawl closer to election day, more and more people are chiming in on who they think will be the next President of the United States. One man who thinks he knows the answer is professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984. According to the Washington Post, he uses a series of true-or-false questions, that he calls his “Keys to the White House” to decide who will be the…

trumpforceone Contest


WOW! As we reported earlier, Donald Trump is making incredible gains in small-donor fundraising, and here’s a new way little guys like us can help support his campaign to win the presidential election in November: a contest. But not any old contest, no, this is a raffle to win a ride on Trump’s personal jumbo jet (nicknamed and hashtagged #TRUMPFORCEONE) in between one of his campaign stops. The winner gets a regular commercial flight to…

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Trump Makes Amazing Gains With Black Voters

Donald Trump has been taking abuse from the mainstream media for last year, for everything from what he says, to how he tries to reach out to voters. Especially with his outreach programs. Talking heads declared his immigration policy as a turn-off for Hispanic voters (it turns out it’s not). And no one, it seems, thought he had any chance with black voters. Turns out, that view is incredibly wrong. Trump has made significant inroads…

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Piers Morgan: Trump Speaks What Americans Are Thinking

Piers Morgan, the British television personality who got run out of American tv news for being too anti-gun and too British, had an editorial in the UK Daily Mail yesterday, explaining that even though the media has called Trump every name in the book, from misogynist to racist to Hitler, none of it has stuck, because Trump has been speaking his mind without fear, and his ideas — especially regarding terrorism — align very closely…

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Trump Is Doing Better With Hispanics Than Romney Did

When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stepped into the ring and announced he was running, he started off with a statement that started a firestorm on controversy: that illegal immigrants coming from Mexico were rapists and worse. For many people on the left, in the media, and even some on the right, this meant disaster for Trump and the GOP. There was no way Hispanics would support someone who’d say something like that. Right? Wrong.…